Jasmine & Dennis

Caspian & Chewie

My name is Jasmine Chan.

I am a proud early childhood educator, I work with children from infants to 5 years old. I love to bake, I always teach the kids how to bake as science activities. I bake a lot on my own time, for friends and families and celebrations. Baking takes a lot of my stress away and I love the moment when someone takes a bite of my products and they just can’t wait to take another bite!


After we got married in 2013, I decided to take a year off and pursue my dream as a pastry chef. I graduated in 2015 and had continue to work in daycare and baking on the side. In 2016 I became a new mom and had my lovely boy, also adopted a rescue dog, our family life had just begun! Now taking on more cakes as I decided to work part time so I can spend more time with my little one before he grows up too fast!

We surely hope you would enjoy everything we design and create for you, your family and friends! 

Fun fact about me:

I am a hardcore Disney fan and we had a fairy tale themed wedding, went to Disney for honeymoon and brought back a Disney baby who is going to join us in Oct 2016!

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